How We Operate

Galloway Mountain Rescue Team is a recognised Scottish Incorporated Charitable Organisation (SCIO) - SC020065) and is affiliated to Scottish Mountain Rescue (SMR).

It is properly constituted and structured with an Executive Committee and Officers holding various positions, namely:-

Chairman - Lex Muir 
*Leading the charity

Team Leader - Stewart Gibson
*Operational Lead during an Incident

Deputy Team Leader - Craig Patterson
*Second in command during an Incident

Secretary - Sue Vest
*Charity Secretary

Treasurer - Richard Williams 
*Charity Treasure

Medical Officer - Chris Marshall 
*Medical Lead to ensure we comply with the most up to date medical assessments and treatments

Training Officer - Joe Baxter 
*Organising training and ensuring we meet SMR criteria

Assistant Training Officer - Andy Wallace 
*Assisting the Training Officer

Members Secretary - David Tyson 
*Secretary to team members

Members Representative - William Samson
*Team member representative to the Committee

Equipment Officer - Ray McCutcheon
*Ensuring all our equipment is safely ready for action

Communications Officer - Ken McCubbin
*Radio communication lead to ensure we have one of the most vital pieces of equipment on a search and rescue

Water Rescue Lead - Colin Brown

Assitant Equipment Officer - Rab Moore

In the event of an incident being notified to the team, the Team Leader, Depute, or one of our other search managers, will be responsible for taking the decision to call-out the full team.  They will take into consideration all of the reported circumstances and develop a strategy to deal with the event.  He/she has the option to mobilise or request a wide range of search and rescue (SAR) assets, including a helicopter, search dogs from SARDA, dromes, rescue boats or additional mountain rescue resources from nearby teams.

The team trains for one weekend day and one weeday eventing per month, throughout the year with additional sessions for specialist skills such as water rescue and casulaty care. Team members are required to attend a minimum number of exercises to maintain their skills and knowledge.

Team Members are also involved in a wide range of fund raising activities throughout the year, to finance the purchase of essential equipment, running of our vehicles and maintenance of our base.

We also have a group of members who actively promote the work of the team and mountain safety through regular demonstrations and lectures.

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Latest News

Callout 2020/02 13/02/2020 Evacuation of driver from snowdrift

On 13th February, Team Members from Newton Stewart took Galloway Lima to assist a driver stuck in snow

Callout 2020/01 04/02/2020 Evacuation of person from forest near Newton Stewart

Team Members were called to evacuate a man from forest near Newton Stewart on the evening of 4th February 2020.